Our World

Our world walks on four legs and has a tail. It also has a lot of drools and stolen treaties. We have very moody taste buds, but our toys squeak a lot. And our flowerpots have no flowers, or plants or soil. There’s fur all around and we love it just like that.
Our Dogs, Our World!

Our Mission

While we want the best for our dogs; in India, we often feel frustrated by the limited availability of quality products and services for the well-being of our dogs at affordable prices, within sensible timelines. The dogsessed team at TailTrails’ is obsessed about figuring out unique India centric ways to make it simple and affordable for you to keep your dog healthy and happy. We’re Indie to our core!

That’s our mission in long form.
In short, we just want to be the most loved Indie doggy company ever! Bhauuuuuuu!

Our Values

  • If it ain’t good for the dogs, it ain’t good for business – This is the ultimate yardstick of every choice we make at TailTrails. It is not just about our products and services; it is about everything – it determines who we partner with, what we produce, who we hire, where we setup our offices, do we have oats-raisin cookies in the pantry, how long we work; EVERYTHING!

  • Unwavering focus on The Essential: It is easy to go for the glitzy and produce that doggy T-shirt. But dogs never asked for T-shirts. It’s even easier to print out every pay slip on glossy company letter head. But before you do any of those always ask, “Is this Essential?”

  • Learn enough about dogs and learn from dogs: A dog will teach you something daily. He’ll teach you how to live in the moment. She’ll teach you how to love for no reason. They’ll teach you the simplicity in being honest and dedicated. If you try to learn more about dogs, you might even learn what’s the best food to eat to be ever healthy. But the most important thing a dog will teach you is you can learn any and everything without pride or prejudice. So, keep learning. It’s always fun to sniff around.