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the domination of one’s thoughts and feelings by the persistent love, care and attachment for their dogs, their neighbour’s dogs, the stray dogs and all other dogs

At TailTrails we’re so dogsessed that we decided to build a company to ensure all dogs got their dogsessed hoomans and the hoomans could stay dogsessed with ease. We believe every dog deserves uncompromised dogsession.

That’s why we are striving to get the bestest info, products and services to help you become the hooman of the happiest dogs ever!

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Hotel for dogs

Road Tripping – Hotel For Dogs

Finding a hotel for dogs that thinks of your buddy as a true valued guest is by no means simple. But some perseverance and a bit of strategy can land you in some amazing dog friendly places. Read on to find out how we locate the pawesomest places for our pawcations!